Money Matters, Part 3 – “The Story Of Tithing Begins”

PodcastTithing and giving to the local church tends to be a hot topic. In part 3 of our series, Pastor Andrew starts the story of tithing by working through three parallel stories in Luke’s gospel and compares them to three common tithing positions. Where do we stand?

Download the PowerPoint here.

Money Matters, Part 1 – “Money Myths”

PodcastWhen it comes to money, culture and scripture couldn’t be more different.  In part 1 of our series, Pastor Andrew works through several myths about money and starts to share his testimony about how God changed his view of money.

Download the PowerPoint here.

Belong, Bewildered & Believe, Part 1

PodcastJesus called his disciples to BELONG before they BELIEVED.  Their BEWILDERMENT caused them to pursue a relationship with him.  In Part 1, Pastor Andrew talks about how Jesus called his disciples to BELONG and Bob Hankinson shares his personal testimony of his “spiritual odyssey”.