Money Matters, Part 3 – “The Story Of Tithing Begins”

PodcastTithing and giving to the local church tends to be a hot topic. In part 3 of our series, Pastor Andrew starts the story of tithing by working through three parallel stories in Luke’s gospel and compares them to three common tithing positions. Where do we stand?

Download the PowerPoint here.

Money Matters, Part 1 – “Money Myths”

PodcastWhen it comes to money, culture and scripture couldn’t be more different.  In part 1 of our series, Pastor Andrew works through several myths about money and starts to share his testimony about how God changed his view of money.

Download the PowerPoint here.

Building The Walls, Part 4 – Protect & Preserve

PodcastThe walls are finished! Pastor Andrew works through how Nehemiah put measures in place to protect and preserve the investment.  Protect the walls, celebrate the success, and continuously improve!

Building The Walls, Part 3 – Proceed & Produce

PodcastIt’s time to build! Nehemiah lists those who had partnership and ownership in the accomplishment.  Pastor Andrew works through how, even with opposition and ministry needs, Nehemiah kept God first, and as a result, the walls were completed!

Building The Walls, Part 1 – Perceive The Problem

PodcastThere are problems all around us, and problem solving is the only way we can work through them.  Pastor Andrew starts a series on Nehemiah by first working through Nehemiah 1 – Nehemiah defines the problem, is burdened to do something about it, and with God at the centre, prayed about how to fix it!

Our Mission, Part 1 – GROWING together

Do you need to be a part of the local church?  Why do we need to encourage one another?  How does being active in the local assembly help everyone grow together? Pastor Andrew starts our series called, “Our Mission.”