Christianity & Halloween

What does it mean to be the salt and light of the earth? Do we participate in Halloween? How do we love people? Pastor Andrew works through Matt 5:13-16 as he works through these questions and more.

Our Mission, Part 4 – Would Anyone Like Dessert?

We live in fast-pace world that demands to be served.  As Christians, however, we are called to serve.  When we do, we use what God has given us and rewards us with life and ownership in His Kingdom!  Pastor Andrew finishes “Our Mission” series.

Our Mission, Part 2 – Jesus Loves Me, This I Pretend

Our relationship with God, known as a our vertical relationship, is the starting point of our WORSHIP.  When we understand God’s grace and His love for us, we can respond in WORSHIP.  Pastor Andrew continues with part 2 of “Our Mission”.

Our Mission, Part 1 – GROWING together

Do you need to be a part of the local church?  Why do we need to encourage one another?  How does being active in the local assembly help everyone grow together? Pastor Andrew starts our series called, “Our Mission.”